Lyrics for Free…er no..

Ever wondered where to get your lyrics for your latest downloads? Well apart from the fansites out there apparently this is the next battle on the horizon that the record companies have decided to get involved in…

The Guardian today reports that with the opening of the new iTunes Plus software – we could be soon getting these as part of the download file. Yes sure these lyrics are available now and you have to painstaking find them through Google (then singing along to the wrong lyrics invariably)..but these sites could find themselves with “cease and desist” letters soon and therefore ultimately closed down.

Whilst it is the right of Record Companies to protect their assets – and more specifically the publishing rights – to call them “thieves” is only showing their contempt to their public.

It’s the publishing rights that are the focus of the EMI buy-out, and the current Terra Firma bid believes that they are the real “jewel in the crown” to the future success of the company. Where that leaves the recorded music part of the business is the only question…


~ by unwrittenfutures on May 31, 2007.

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